Meghan Markle spotted at Westminster Abbey in ‘disguise’

A number of Twitter users claim to have spotted Meghan Markle in disguise in the pews at Westminster Abbey today.

They claim the Duchess of Sussex was hiding in plain sight next to the Andrew Lloyd Webber, watching the Coronation of King Charles III.

The cheeky tweeters suggested the Duchess may be wearing a wig, a fake mustache, and a pair of glasses to sneak into the Coronation ceremony.

The currently unidentified man sat in the pews at the Abbey causing many to make the same joke.

One tweeted a picture of the man, and wrote: “That’s Meghan Markle under disguise.”

“Meghan Markle’s disguise nearly had me fooled,” another wrote.

One joke: “What a terrible, nasty country we are when – in order to avoid abuse – Meghan Markle has to don s**t prosthetics as a disguise in order she attends her own father-in-law’s coronation…Outrageous.”

But this was not the only person at the Coronation thought to be the Duchess in disguise.

An anti-monarchy protestor outside of Westminster Abbey prompted suspicion.

One wrote, of the man wearing a #notmyking hoodie: “Meghan Markle is completely unrecognizable in this disguise but the t-shirt gives it away.”

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