Meghan Markle couldve been next Michelle Obama but became a fame-hungry star

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  • I'm A Celeb star Nicola McLean has shared her thoughts on the royal drama, and how Meghan Markle has reacted to the royals.

    The ex-Page 3 icon chatted exclusively to the Daily Star ahead of the King's Coronation.

    Nicola, 41, explained: "I agree with all of Harry and Meghan's points but they've gone about it so badly that they invalidated their own points.

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    "I think Meghan could've changed the world, with racism, institutionalized racism, she could have flown the flag so well but instead, it hasn't materialised like that because she has gone about it in a fame-hungry way, as if they were a reality star or a politician.

    "She should have been like Michelle Obama and done some real good for everybody and herself. but the way they've gone about it really hard to defend them because they've behaved so bizarrely.

    "By saying they want to leave the royal family because they want to leave the limelight, it's not honest, because they've done books and a Netflix series. they should have been honest and said 'I don't feel safe, and we have been treated appallingly by my family, and my wife's mental health is more important'.

    "And say 'We will be doing a book, Netflix, etc,' then people would be like 'Right, fair play' but it is the way they said they've left for privacy and then they're more in the public eye than anyone in the royal family.

    She added: "But yes they were treated appallingly, and of course, the country was racist towards Meghan. If anyone tells me she wasn't treated badly because she wasn't white, they're lying, and if you can't see racism it's because you've never experienced it or you're not intelligent enough to educate yourself about it."

    "I am more team Meghan and Harry but I do feel like it's such a shame they didn't go about it savvier."

    Nicola also shared her thoughts on the King's Coronation and how she believed it was "poor timing".

    I'm not a royalist, I'm really not a royalist, and I think that it's in poor timing, we need bloody bills to go down, and there to be fewer food banks and people not struggling.

    "We don't need to be spending millions of pounds to be watching Charles become king. It's poor timing and poor taste. It will be a nice day but I think there are much more important things we could be doing in our country than crowning the King."

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