Matthew Broderick Reveals Moment He Knew Sarah Jessica Parker Was THE ONE

Andy Cohen put the "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" star in the hot seat

It’s a short and sweet tale of true love far better than anything Carrie Bradshaw could ever dream of.

Appearing on “Watch What Happens Live” Matthew Broderick found himself in the hot seat as Andy Cohen grilled him during a “Plaza Sweet on Her” segment (the famous couple are currently starring on Broadway in “Plaza Suite”).

Cohen told Broderick he’d already played a similar game with his wife, Sarah Jessica Parker, and kinda let him know what he was in for (watch the video, below!).

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“When did you first realize she was the one?” the Bravo honcho began.

“Yes! When? How? Who?” Broderick joked before sweetly saying: “Oh that she was the one to marry…?” Which elicited a quick “yes!” from his host.

“Oh, the first time I met her,” the ’80s icon explained. “I saw her walking down the street and thought ‘That’s it.'”

When asked what was the best gift SJP ever gave him, he answered: “A trip once. A surprise, blindfolded … suddenly I was in the Caribbean.”

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“What’s your favorite kind of date that the two of you share together?” Andy probed.

“I wish I had a witty answer to that,” Broderick said. “Um, I like just some plain old, some dinner.”

As Andy tried to plow ahead, Broderick joked of his answer about favorite date night “I’m fun huh?”

To the question of what he most admires about his wife he said: “Humor and wisdom.”

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But then Cohen went immediately from there into the juicy stuff, asking him if any of his onscreen romantic moments with another actress made SJP jealous. Broderick answered he didn’t know.

When Cohen then asked if any of her love scenes made him uncomfortable, he said: “Yeah not really. Maybe occasionally, but it doesn’t really bother me. I know what that’s like.”

SJP and Broderick have been married for going on a quarter century. They share three children together.

See how SJP answered a similar round of questions a couple months prior on WWHL:

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