Marvel at the cuteness of these tiny monkey triplets, each with a mini moustache

We hope you’re ready to behold some truly adorable tiny animals.

Vienna zoo, in Austria, has welcomed three new emperor tamarin monkeys.

This breed is famous for its impressive white moustache, and, of course, these babies are already sporting their own glorious facial hair at just six weeks old.

The triplets measure just five centimetres long and each have sweet little smiles, making them the perfect beings to stare at and forget the world.

They were born on December 1 as the first offspring of their parents, Tamaya and Purple.

Stephan Hering-Hagenbeck, zoo director at the 270-year-old zoo, said: ‘Our Emperor tamarins Tamaya and Purple have had triplets.

‘The hallmark of this clawed monkey species is its long, white moustache, which both females and males carry – and the bearded look is already well visible for these three little ones.’

The triplets are the first Emperor tamarins to be born at Vienna Zoo for five years.

Zookeepers have not yet been able to determine whether they are females or males, and they don’t yet have names.

But they are already keeping new dad Purple on his toes – with the rearing of male Emperor tamarins being a job for the father.

Stephan added: ‘Most of the time the father carries the kittens on his back. If the little ones get hungry, the mother than takes over to feed.’

The babies have already started figuring out the world, and have made their first attempts at climbing trees with their clawed fingers and toes.

The new monkey family is still waiting for animal godparents. If you want to support the currently closed zoo, you can become a sponsor for 80 euros per month.

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