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MONEY-SAVING guru Martin Lewis has issued an urgent energy meter warning to households ahead of a crucial date.

Millions will pay less for their energy from October 1 as Ofgem's new price cap comes into effect.

The average household will pay £1,923 a year, down £151 from £2,074 currently.

Of course, this is just an average figure and you might end up paying more or less depending on your usage.

But Martin Lewis has warned energy users without smart energy meters to take a reading ahead of the key date as it could see you pay less.

This will stop your supplier from estimating your usage and potentially assuming you've used more at the higher rate.

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Martin said on Good Morning Britain: "With prices changing on Sunday what we want to do is reduce an error where the energy firms assume more of your usage is at the current high rate rather than after Sunday's lower rates.

"So you get the meter reading in, it doesn't matter what day you do it if you do it on Saturday or Sunday.

"(It's) fine if you do it a few days afterwards you can always backdate the reading you've given."

The vast majority of energy firms let you backdate a meter reading, but bear in mind some, such as So Energy, don't.

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Other firms have time limits on how far past October 1 you can backdate any reading.

For example, British Gas customers can backdate a meter reading up until October 14.

Make sure you check out your firm's website or contact them for more information.

The warning came as Martin issued extra advice to households on traditional non-smart electricity prepayment meters.

Customers on these meters have to pay for their energy on a pay-as-you-go basis.

But, Martin said, you should try to use up the exact amount you need before October 1, otherwise you'll be using energy you've bought on the current, higher, price cap.

He explained: "If I had one of those what I'd be doing is trying not to top up this week, unless you really need to in which case just top up what you'll use this week.

"And then go and top up on Sunday, because by topping up on Sunday that's what tells your meter you should be charged the new lower price.

"So even if you don't need any extra energy on Sunday, go and top up your electricity just by a quid so that your meter knows to charge you less."

How else to save money on energy bills

Even with energy bills falling for households from October 1, they're still almost £700 more expensive compared to late 2021.

Inflation sat at 6.7% in August too, meaning the cost of everyday essentials is more expensive.

So you'll want to look for ways to save money where you can.

You can take cost-cutting measures such as switching to LED lightbulbs and using energy-saving gadgets.

But you might be able to get direct support as well.

Thousands of households can get help via the Household Support Fund (HSF), which is worth £842million.

The fund has been shared between councils in England who are then allocating it based on their own criteria.

That means what you can get varies depending on where you live, although in most cases you'll be able to apply for help if you are on benefits or a low income.

Some local authorities are offering residents energy vouchers, while others are making direct bank transfers.

Get in touch with your local council to see what help you can get.

You can find out what council area you fall under by using the locator tool on the Government's website.

Meanwhile, if you are really struggling to pay your bills, you might be able to get a grant to help cover them.



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A number of firms, including British Gas, EDF and E.ON have schemes you can apply for.

It's worth contacting yours to see what help is available.

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