‘Marriage Boot Camp’ Recap: Bianca Bonnie Tears Up During Childhood Abuse Confession

Jaws were on the floor during the March 26 episode of ‘Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition’, after Bianca revealed she was the victim of abuse when she was a child.

The cast of Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition was asked to share their childhood traumas during an emotional exercise this week, and while everyone’s story was heartbreaking to hear, Bianca Bonnie‘s hit us the hardest. As she stood up in front of her housemates during the March 26 episode, she took a deep breath and revealed how she was hit when she was younger.

“I have, like, trust issues with everybody,” Bianca, 28, began during the vulnerable exercise. “Like my mom had to work. Anytime she had to do something, or work, she left me with a family member. This person – she slapped me in my eye so f–king hard, I’m like, if your family member can treat you like that, then how can you trust anybody else in the world.”

While it was painful for Bianca to share with the group, Dr. Ish reminded everyone why it was so important to dive into their pasts. For example, he explained how Bianca’s incidents are now affecting her current romance with Chozus, saying her negative reactions to him are actually reactions to her past.

“I love talking among people that can understand me and give back positive feedback and not just judge me,” Bianca said in her confessional, noting how people have said to her “yes, we did show you love. Obviously, I didn’t feel that way, ya know.”

Then, when it was Chozus‘ turn to speak, he revealed that he aspired to play professional football at one time in his life, however, a knee injury sidelined those hopes. “The dream was to go to the NFL?” Dr. Ish asked, to which Chozus replied, “Facts,” while he became overcome with emotion.

But Dr. Ish told Chozus that he can still find a new path to a fulfilling life. “So that’s definitely a turn. This life I thought I was gonna have is no longer open to me. And not only do I have to figure out how to be this different guy, I need to figure out how to be different and special because I’ve always been special,” he said.

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