Man covered in colourful face tattoos shows what he looked like before ink

A tattoo-obsessive and firefighter has revealed photographs of himself before his incredible transformation.

Andreas Stauffiger, AKA @sweet_and_fire, got his first tattoo when he was just 18.

But, now he has 60 inkings and hopes to be covered from head to toe – including his eyeballs.

Andreas, 43, has colourful tattoo patterns across his face and claims he’s “addicted” to the painful process.

He added that he has trained himself to cope with the pain and that it helps him in his volunteer firefighter and animal rescue roles.

But, the creative bloke shared some snaps with the Daily Star of what he looked like before he got serious on his tattoo journey.

In one, a 23-year-old Andreas rides a log flume with some pals.

He explained: “This shows me with some friends at this time.

“They are taken in 2001 at the Funpark Europapark in Germany. “

While another shot from even earlier features a fresh faced Andreas next to a car when he was between the ages of 20 and 22.

The tattoo fan, who is also a pastry chef, said: “That one shows me, between 1998 and 2000 and my very first car. A Chevrolet Blazer."

And, a small snap of Andreas aged between 17 and 20 shows the young man without his iconic facial tattoos.

Since the photos were taken, the ink addict has spent around £23,000 on tattoos and body modification and has 16 piercings alongside his ink.

But, he’s not done yet.

Andreas told the Daily Star: “My next body modification in planning, is my eyeballs. It will start on December 21.

“There are two session per eye – the healing time between the two sessions is six weeks.”

Eyeball tattoos can be dangerous if not done correctly and people have been blinded by the procedure.

Other body modification fans have insisted that eyeball tattoos are not as painful as other areas on the body.

So hopefully it doesn’t hurt as much as Andrea’s most painful inking, which he says was his “glans” – that’s the end of the penis.

And, he has some more risqué tatts on the list, too.

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Andreas commented: “There are also some other body modifications in planning.

“But they are definitely not for the public!

“What should I say? I‘m a crazy guy.”

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