Magniberg Launches New Collection of "Bold Blankets"

Swedish bedding specialist Magniberg has expanded into the world of blankets, launching a collection of oversized and heavyweight pieces. Dubbed the “Bold Blanket,” the items are all constructed from virgin wool, and come in a variety of colors and hues.

The colorways available range from classic — including black and “Oyster White” — to the bright tones of “Disco Blue,” “Ice Skating Pink” and “Juicy Orange.” The color options reflect Magniberg’s fashion-focused approach to bedwear, which has previously seen bedding arrive in Oxford stripes, metallic silver and a lace rose pattern.

To launch the collection, Magniberg recruited photographer Daniyel Lowden to document the blankets. In his imagery ghost-like figures wander around the city, wrapped in their colorful blankets. Announcing the launch of the “Bold Blankets,” Magniberg co founder Bengt Thornefors said:

“In the past, whenever I’ve looked for a blanket, they are often a bit bland and neutral in colour and weirdly small. I think that a blanket should be a possession of comfort. You don’t want it small. Everything about it must be more. It should be soft, heavier, more wool. And I wanted colour, not a blanket that disappear into the background. I sought to create a blanket that you can relax in – and even if there are two of you – not fight over.”

The full collection of “Bold Blankets” is due to release via the Magniberg web store on March 22.

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