Lindsay Lohan Teases First New Single In 12 Years With Cryptic Video

Lindsay Lohan is back! She surprised fans on March 31 with a 30-second teaser signaling that she’s returning to music! The actress posted a cryptic video message that addressed her past encounters with paparazzi.

The return of Lindsay Lohan is upon us! The Mean Girls actress, 33, will soon release new music, according to a new teaser she shared across all her social media platforms on Tuesday afternoon. The cryptic 30-second video appears to flash back to some of her most notable and headline-making moments.

“I’m back,” Lindsay captioned the vintage video, along with the bulging eyes emoji. The video opens in a dark as a collection of old televisions light up with news stories about the actress. One TV broadcast was titled, “Evolution of Lindsay Lohan,” while others  featured a tabloid-style collage of her dancing at Lohan Beach Club, walking the red carpet, driving behind the wheel of a car, along with clips from her “Rumors” music video.

Lindsay did not include a release date in her posts. It’s unclear if “I’m Back” is the title of her new single, or just a quippy caption, nonetheless, it works for both. Lindsay’s new music will debut under her new deal with Casablanca Records, the label she was previously under back in 2004.

The teaser marks Lindsay’s first single since 2008’s “Bossy,” which went on to become the theme song to her since -canceled MTV reality show Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club. In 2017, Lindsay teased the name of her single, “Xanax,” but never ended up releasing the new song.

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