Lindsay Lohan Celebrates Her Resilience On Clubby New Song 'Back To Me'

The rumors were true: Lindsay Lohan is back, baby! First thing Friday (April 3), LiLo returned with her first new single in 12 (yes, TWELVE) years: the electro-pop dance floor confessional “Back To Me.”

“I used to blame me when shit got crazy / I can’t think too much about what they say,” she sings on the opening lines, channeling a little bit of that “Rumors” energy before continuing to unchain herself from the past. “And now these Sundays got me feeling like Mondays / I know I drink too much, but it’s OK.” That leads into an equally self-affirming pre-chorus: “My life is full of ripped-up pages / I’ve been weak, contagious / But I’m coming back, I’m coming back to me.”

The track’s themes of renewal and resilience spill into a clubby hook, with Lohan and a chorus of distorted vocals proclaiming, “Yeah, I’m coming back to me!”

Lohan teased “Back To Me” earlier this week alongside a video that zeroed in on television sets displaying images throughout her career. She later wrote on Twitter, “The song is about rediscovering and accepting oneself, shutting out the noise and moving forward and letting the past go. Living in the now.”

“Back To Me” was co-written by ALMA, whose vocals were featured on an EDM-fueled song from Lohan called “Xanax.” That track surfaced last September but has since been deleted. With Friday’s release, however, it appears Lohan’s long-awaited new chapter is beginning in earnest. The actress and singer’s last official release was 2008’s standalone single “Bossy,” and her last album, A Little More Personal (Raw), dropped all the way back in 2005. But with “Back To Me,” LiLo’s musical career once again looks bright.

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