Lil Kim challenges Nicki Minaj to Verzuz battle at BET Awards

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You wanna rumble with the Bee? 

Lil Kim, music’s veteran self-anointed Queen Bee, is ready to go crown-to-crown in a Verzuz battle with heralded “Queen” emcee Nicki Minaj. 

Sounding the trumpets of lyrical warfare against the “Anaconda” crooner during the 2021 BET Awards pre-show Sunday, Kim, 46, unhesitatingly challenged Minaj, 38, to a hit-for-hit duel in order to formally determine whose chart-topping songs reign supreme. 

“Nicki,” said Kim when asked which female rapper she’d like to face-off with on the Verzuz digital battleground. 

When the interviewer, DJ Envy of Power 105.1’s “The Breakfast Club, agreed that he’d love to see her and the Queens native duke it out on the viral streaming platform, the “Lady Marmalade” songstress assuredly said: “Yes, me too.”

Verzuz — created by Grammy Award-winning producers Timbaland and Swizz Beatz amid the pandemic as a form of concert-like entertainment — is a live-streamed musical boxing ring of sorts. 

Two artists of the same genre meet up, either virtually or in-person, to play or perform at least 20 of their most iconic tracks in effort to outdo the other’s discography. 

Immediately following the songs skirmish, an opinionated audience of online onlookers typically takes to Twitter or Instagram with their votes on the vocal victor of each match. 

But Kim — who reached previously unprecedented heights of hip-hop success as a lusty lady lyricist throughout the mid 1990s and early 2000s — and her all too public deceleration of war Verzuz against Minaj — who dominated the female rap game through the advent of the internet in the latter 2000s — already has social media timelines divided in two. 

Diehard digital soldiers in each crooner’s camp are taking up arms in defense of their preferred microphone monarch. 

Music fans also noted that a song-for-song fight between Kim and Minaj might not be fair because the two women aren’t necessarily contemporaries.

“Lil Kim vs Foxy is only right! Nicki and Kim are in 2 different generations. #AreYouDumb?,” a Twitter writer commented, suggesting Kim should battle fellow Brooklyn soloist Foxy Brown — who also lead the charge for female emcees in the ‘90s. 

However, Minaj being called out as Kim’s Verzuz opponent makes sense to those in the know. 

Bad blood between two poetic powerhouses has been brewing for more than a decade. Long-standing contentions over fashions statements and lyrical flows have caused a seemingly irreparable rift. 

And a Verzuz clash of the talented titans might actually be thing the that puts their beef to rest. 

Singers Monica and Brandy Norwood squashed their enduring animosities during a Verzuz combat back in August. 

Soulja Boy and Shad “Lil Bow Wow” Moss did the same when the two rappers went head-to-head on the platform in front of a worldwide audience — which consisted of Lizzo and Drake — Saturday.  

So far, Minaj has yet to confirm whether she’s interested in going manicured toe-to-manicured toe with Kim.

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