Likkleman beats Salim Chiboub with sixth-round TKO as Ian Wright hails victory

AIDEN 'LIKKLEMAN' HENRY smashed Salim Chiboub with a sixth-round TKO in what he described as the "biggest little fight of all time".

The referee was forced to stop the fight in the final round when the two 3ft brawlers went to war at a secret location in London.

Likkleman, 26, sent Chiboub crashing to the canvas after a series of heavy shots.

And his performance led to praise from the likes of Arsenal legend Ian Wright.

Wrighty said: "Likkleman! Congratulations champ."

The brawler – who was born with dwarfism – is now the proud owner of the Wicked'N'Bad belt.

LikkleMan, 26, andChiboub went head to head at the weigh-in ahead of their 7pm bout.

After badmouthing each other the fighters, looking to win the 'Wicked'N'Bad' belt, got in each other's faces.

Chiboub, through his mask, planted a kiss on Coventry-boy LikkleMan's forehead.

A shoving match then ensued, with security trying to bring order back to proceedings.


But before they could, LikkleMan had put his rival on the deck, flooring him with a hard push.

SunSport exclusively chatted to LikkleMan earlier this week as he geared up towards the bout of his lifetime.

The fighter, who was released from prison in March 2019 a reformed character, said: "I was born fighting, when you are born half the size of a normal man you have to fight twice as hard to get anywhere in life.

“I was born into a life of gangs, drugs and crime, like a lot of people are in certain areas. But on top of that I am this size.

“I didn’t go to school, I can’t read or write, I didn’t have parents.

"I have matured a lot now but my brain is definitely wired differently to everyone else.

“I’ve had 25 bad years behind me, I have had to apologise for a lot of things I am sorry for, but now I have this chance to turn my life around and I am going to take it.”

And having made such strides, LikkleMan has big ambitions for the future.

He added: "I could sell out the Ricoh Arena, definitely.

“Because I am small but confident with it, people have never seen that combination and are intrigued.

“Girls are fascinated about whether things are in proportion, it’s just my everyday life.

“From a very young age I have been aggressive because of how I have been treated.

"Now I can hopefully make that work for me and better my life, because that is all I have wanted the chance to do.”

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