Lesbian couple get pregnant by the same sperm donor at the same time

A lesbian couple beat the odds by getting pregnant via the same sperm donor around the same time.

Kat Buchanan, 33, and her fiancee Taryn Cumming, 31, wanted to have children since they got together two years ago.

When they looked into their fertility options, they were told that both of their egg reserves were low.

The couple, from Auckland, New Zealand, were not eligible for IVF, which straight couples can qualify for if they’ve been trying for a child for more than a year.

For those who aren’t in a heterosexual relationship, publically-funded IVF is only available after trying six rounds of IUI – intrauterine insemination – whereby the sperm is injected into the uterus via a catheter.

Each IUI costs $1,700 (£831) but Kat and Taryn knew it was their only option.

So they joined a Facebook group for sperm and egg donors and by the end of 2019, they found a match.

‘We are very lucky to have found someone really decent,’ Taryn told MailOnline.

‘We know his medical history as well as family history. He goes for STD checks and his sperm was analysed, and we have a contract in place for his and our protection.’

After finding the donor, Taryn tried IUI in February but unfortunately, she wasn’t successful. So Kat did the same two weeks later.

Another fortnight later, Taryn tried again. A month later, both had positive pregnancies.

Kat and Taryn wanted two kids anyway so are delighted with the outcome.

‘The doctor we had a better chance of winning the lotto than getting pregnant at the same time,’ Taryn added.

She is now ten weeks pregnant and Kat is nine. Though their due dates are 12 days apart, their babies may be born at the same time.

‘It’s highly likely actually,’ says Taryn. ‘Women feed off each other’s hormones so the potential for them to be born at the same time is high.’

The couple has shared their journey on YouTube where they want full transparency so they can help other hopeful parents.

Taryn added: ‘We figured that this whole thing is really unique and with all the questions we received we decided its best to just blog about it.

‘This way I can tell women about our experience with artificial insemination, how we did it, what tools we used, how to find a donor, and what questions to ask your donor. I love helping people.’  

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