Knocked Loose review – A hardcore band at the top of their game

Considering Knocked Loose have exploded in popularity over the past 12 months, it was jarring to step into the 300-person capacity church hidden in the heart of Colchester City.

The hardcore band, who hail from Oldham County, Kentucky, didn’t waste any time in showing that their venue choice was purposeful.

After launching into one of their latest singles, Deep In The Willow, frontman Bryan Garris, instantly began demanding his attendees get on the stage with him and crowdsurf into the ether.

Neon lights bordered the five-piece band throughout their 16-track setlist, but it was the band themselves who shone throughout the night.

Like a rabid dog with a tick in its maw, Garris barked his way through every iota of Knocked Loose’s high-calibre songbook with ease and precision.

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Hardcore vocalists have a lot to learn from Garris; belting through some of the band’s more tasking tracks such as Billy No Mates and Denied By Fate was nothing to him. He was the master of the stage and, with it, his craft.

Perhaps the most impressive part of Knocked Loose’s breathtaking show in the formerly decrepit holy building was Garris’ power over his hundreds of fans.

Colchester became the moving picture of hardcore music, with Garris running point as its brutal director, commanding his actors to two-step, create walls of death and scream as soon as he deemed it fit.

Knocked Loose put on a performance that would totally encapsulate newcomers to the genre, as well as anyone peering into the building on a warm Wednesday night.

Knocked Loose are about to explode and I feel privileged to have seen them cast their spell on their fans in real time.

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