KISS’ Paul Stanley Celebrates His 'Awesome' Dad's 100th Birthday: 'So Proud to Be His Son'

Stanley has been practicing self-isolation since the safety protocol became mandated across several states last month.

In a video he shared on Instagram, the star recorded himself in what appears to be his in-house studio and shared that he, like many Americans practicing social distancing and self-isolation, was feeling a bit stir crazy.

“My plan tomorrow is to sit here, get a guitar, maybe tell you some stories, maybe show you how I wrote a song — show you how I wrote ‘Love Gun.’ That could be interesting ’cause I need to connect with you ’cause I’m going a little bit crazy,” he told his followers on March 27.

His pal Angel, 52, supported Stanley once again writing, “Love it. Will be watching.”

The next day, as promised, Stanley shared a video of himself talking about the hit song and gave a shoutout to healthcare workers for their aid amid the coronavirus outbreak. “Big thanks to all the people who are on the frontlines trying to get us through this,” he said after sharing that he had been home for “17 or 18 days because that’s what the medical people, the experts, are saying we should do — try to take some of the strain off the doctors and all the hospital workers, try to flatten that curb.”

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