KGB agent who was taught to seduce – can show you how to get any man

I’m an ex KGB agent who was taught to seduce men – and I can show you how to get any man you want: My five top tips include a mind trick you should play on men

  • Aliia Roza, a jetsetting former spy, is teaching women to be empowered
  • She dishes unlikely secrets to capture men’s attention and keep them interested
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A former Russian spy who seduced foreign agents with her ‘pillow talk’ has launched a company teaching women how to get any man they want.

Aliia Roza, 39, was born behind the iron curtain in Kazakhstan, and spied for the Russian government shortly after the Soviet Union fell in 1991.

She said she was a ‘female James Bond’ and became an expert in ‘the psychology of men’ so she was able to get top secret information by hitting on enemy agents.

No longer a spy, in July 2017 she launched her own private members club – teaching women how to bag any man they want.

Aliia teaches her 2,000 members that it doesn’t matter how you look – you can still get whatever you want from men, she claims.

She said the key is confidence – but her more controversial lessons include pretending you know secrets about your date to make them paranoid.

Aliia Roza is an expert in charming the opposite sex, having spent years in the military to become a master manipulator

Born in the USSR to a family consisting of several high-ranking generals, the now 36-year-old was expected to follow in their footsteps and enlisted to become a spy

Aliia was coached in manipulation, seduction, persuasion, and neuro-linguistic programming, with orders including going undercover to trap targets 

She gives exclusive one-to-one’s to other women on how to change their behavior with sessions costing £200 per hour. Her latest business venture earns her up to £1.5 million per year, she says.

Aliia’s private members club is ‘Super Lady’ where women get access to exclusive red carpet events hosted by brands like Versace and Chanel.

‘When I organize an event I invite them for fashion presentations or afternoon teas, I have access to celebrities and luxury fashion brands that it’s hard to get.

‘They come and meet each other, hang out, have a drink, and get really exclusive access.’

Aliia, who is based in LA, but who leads a jet-setting lifestyle frequently taking her to Europe, said: ‘When I was in school I was nerdy and bullied.

‘I was the only Asian-looking person amongst a crowd of white people, and the kids bullied me.

‘They used to call me ugly because I had pimples. I was very insecure.

‘Both my mother and father were part of the Soviet secret services, so I guess it was natural for me to go into it too.’

‘KGB seduction techniques are not sustainable because they are too powerful; this knowledge can kill,’ she says

Aliia, who has been married five times, said: ‘The worst thing you can do when trying to seduce someone is focusing on provocation, addiction, or obsession’

‘They taught me everything about spying, how to walk, how to put on makeup, and, most importantly, how to understand the psychology of men.

‘It was like being a female James Bond.

Aliia’s top five tips for wooing a man 

Aliia’s easy to follow tips for seduction:

– Never give direct answers to questions

– Never sleep with a man on the first date

– Worship yourself in the mirror to build your self-confidence

– Get aroused before a date

– Pretend you have heard something about the man you are dating – and keep them guessing what it is

‘They created our charisma – our aura – and taught us the best techniques to seduce people.

‘All these techniques I have since adapted to my daily life.

‘Whether you are overweight, short, whatever, it’s all about charisma.

‘The best thing to do is to stand in front of a mirror and look at yourself everyday and find five features you like about yourself.

‘It doesn’t matter what it is – it can be a facial feature, or even your feet or hands.

‘It’s like tricking your brain into thinking “I’m a goddess”.

‘Once you induce a man’s natural desires, you can get any man you want.’

When she was 17, Aliia was approached by the FSB – formerly the KGB – to be trained in the dark arts of espionage, she claims.

She says the secret to seducing men – whether as a spy or a civilian – is confidence, and this is the basis of her lessons in her new club.

‘Just like they taught me in spy school, it all comes from your mood,’ she said.

Five times married Aliia says women looking to attract men should ‘be horny’ when they meet up with a man.

‘It’s all about inducing a man’s animal desires,’ she said.

Another of Aliia’s tips is that women should try to arouse themselves before a date. 

‘A woman needs to worship herself everyday, and slowly their confidence becomes stronger.

‘She will start to feel the eyes from other men.’

Aliia also says women should never have sex with men on the first date if they really want a guy.

‘Sex is appreciated more if it is not granted to the man straight away,’ she said.

‘In recent years, men have also become less confident in approaching women for fear of how they will be perceived,’ Aliia says 

‘I once went to the beach myself and brought a large adjustable wrench, several men asked about it, we joked and then started to get to know each other,’ she says 

‘It’s like limited edition. You seduce the brain first, then sex is a big prize for a man and you should never give up the biggest prize in the first date.

‘It’s like Cinderella; the prince wouldn’t find her if she was there all the time. It’s all about building intrigue. Don’t be an open book.’

And the leftfield advice doesn’t stop there, with Aliia also claiming ‘never giving a direct answer’ is another essential tip to leaving men smitten.

She added: ‘If a man asks you a direct question, a good response is to say… why don’t you guess?’

‘This adds to your intrigue, and keeps men guessing.’

And if that doesn’t work, Aliia has an even more controversial trick.

‘You can say something like, “I heard something from your friends,” but don’t tell them what it is,’ she said.

‘Maybe it’s a bit mean, but you make up that you’ve heard something and never tell them what it is.

‘It works every time, then the guy will think “Oh my god what happened, maybe she met my ex!”

‘It will make his brain start to think about the woman even more.’

Aliia claims she ‘studied on the same program as Putin’ but says his attack on the Ukraine is ‘unforgivable’.

‘A few years ago, the Russian gov contacted me again, and said they had more missions for me,’ she said.

‘I said f*** no – never ever.

‘I want to live a normal life and use my skills for good.’

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