Johnny Vegas refuses to hire body double for new show as he braves wild stunts

Comic Johnny Vegas has refused to shy away from doing stunts in his new telly show.

The actor, 50, won’t have a body double in Murder, They Hope – the sequel to the 2017’s Murder on the Blackpool Express.

Speaking openly about their new film, his co-star Sian Gibson, said in an interview with Radio Times: "We’ve been doing our own stunts – no body doubles."

But Johnny hinted that he knew his limitations on the show and turned around and said: "Sian’s always coming up with things for me to do, whereas being the committed actor I am, I always say, ‘I think my character would walk off screen…’ just to get back to my trailer."

Sian added: "He’s not even joking. He’s constantly saying, ‘I think I should just go through that door at this point.’"

The show will be filled with famous faces including Lee Mack, Paul Whitehouse, Jason Manford and Janine Duvitski.

There will also be regular turns from Sarah Hadland as Monica and Shobna Gulati as her sister-in-law, Vicky.

Actors Johnny and Sian have continued to have a close friendship ever since they bonded in their 2017 show.

Talking candidly to Radio Times on their friendship, Johnny said: "You know when you can’t wait to see someone? I’m not just saying that to be nice, it’s a lovely thing just knowing that you’ll have all that time to hang out as pals and you’ll get to call it work.

"I think myself and Sian, we’re like a pair of comfortable slippers now. We’ve pretty much got the characters down and we know our relationship."

As well as acting, comedian Johnny has also been involved in other unexpected pursuits.

While on holiday in Wales, a drunken Johnny decided to purchase a bus on eBay.

Though it was a brash decision, the actor was thinking long-term as he planned to refurbish old buses into glamorous accommodations.

His business had a rocky start after he discovered that his first bus had to be shipped from Malta, but the Benidorm star has successfully created his dream of developing a glamping site.

Talking about the initial experience with purchasing his first bus, the actor explained: "I did what any sensible person would do – I got drunk, went online and bought an old Maltese bus.

"I didn’t look for a bus in the UK, I didn’t go that far down the searches. We had three attempts at getting it in the country and on the third attempt, the ferry caught fire."

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