John Krasinski Recruits Brad Pitt for Epic Weather Report


Brad Pitt is an actor, a producer and…a weatherman?

The 56-year-old A-lister delivered the forecast during Sunday’s episode of John Krasinski‘s YouTube series Some Good News.

The Oscar winner’s report was short but sweet. After Krasinski asked how it looked outside, Pitt surprised viewers by sticking his neck out his window and giving his two cents. 

“Looks, uh, pretty good. Yeah,” the Moneyball star, who wore a light green sweater and a dark cap for the quick cameo, said before retreating back inside.

In addition to covering the weather, Krasinski shared viral videos of heartwarming stories. He also discussed his virtual prom, which he hosted over the weekend with a little help from his star-studded pals. Not only did the event feature a mini reunion with The Office‘s Rainn Wilson, but it also included performances by Billie Eilish and the Jonas Brothers. Chance the Rapper made a quick appearance, as well.

However, these aren’t the only celebrities Krasinski has had on his feel-good news program. Steve Carell, Emily Blunt and Lin-Manuel Miranda have all made appearances on the show, as well.

Krasinski launched the weekly series in late March. The show highlights heroes and positivity from around the world amid the global coronavirus pandemic. The show has accumulated quite a fanbase, too. Each week, thousands—if not millions—of people tune in to see the broadcast. In fact, Krasinski’s first episode with Carell has generated nearly 16.5 million views to date.

Watch the video to see the full episode and to see Pitt’s cameo.

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