Jeremy Scott Unveils Eco-friendly Jersey for Hyundai’s ‘Goal of the Century’ Campaign

As part of its ongoing mission to achieve total carbon neutrality by 2045, Hyundai Motor Company launched the global sustainability campaign “Goal of the Century” for the upcoming FIFA World Cup 2022. The official sponsor and automotive partner aims to bring people together through the power of football to strive towards a better future by creating new conversations, ideas and solutions for the planet.

Driving the campaign is “Team Century”, a group of ambassadors selected to promote various environmental and social sustainability projects throughout 2022. American fashion designer Jeremy Scott joins the ranks of former England national footballer Steven Gerrard and Korean boyband BTS as player “23”, bringing his signature sense of humor to a campaign jersey made entirely of upcycled thread extracted from plastic bottles.

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Scott is widely beloved for his irreverent style, disrupting fashion and pop culture with colorful elements of kitsch, camp, neon and fearless wit. He has also led the upcycling movement on the runway, reinterpreting dry cleaning bags, torn magazines and trash cans into ready-to-wear looks. He brings this same creative energy to the design of the eco-friendly jersey, which features a cartoon map symbolizing “A United World”.

Additionally, Scott and Hyundai plan to continue their partnership in designing a sustainable future by collaborating on “Re:Style”, an upcycling fashion project run by the automaker utilizing leftover materials such as airbags and seatbelts.
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