Jamie Oliver shares two-ingredient pasta recipe – and you can make it in minutes

Jamie Oliver has been hailed for his new show, Keep Cooking and Carry On, which aims to help Brits during the coronavirus pandemic.

The 44-year-old’s first episode, which aired earlier this week, was approved by viewers who called it “helpful, resourceful and creative”.

It comes as the outbreak has caused supermarket shoppers to panic and stockpile on essential goods including pasta.

But in Jamie’s segment, you can make tagliatelle from flour and water in minutes by using basics like tinned tomatoes and garlic for a sauce.

In the show, the culinary mastermind tells Brits to make the pasta with the two ingredients then roll it out so it’s nice and thin.

The next step is to cut the flour into centimetre thick slices and then use your hands to shake it to break up the pieces.

Praising the programme, one viewer wrote on Twitter : “Just watched Jamie make some tagliatelle on Jamie: Keep Cooking and Carry On. So playful, resourceful and creative.”

Another commented: “I just watched Keep Cooking and Carry on – great show. I don’t have pasta flour, can I use normal plain flour to make pasta, which I have? Thank you.”

Meanwhile, a mum shared her three-ingredient tagliatelle which will also help you beat pasta shortages.

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On Facebook, the parent revealed how to make the tasty carb which you don’t need a pasta maker for.

The recipe only requires three ingredients – eggs, flour and salt.

She said: “If you are struggling for pasta but have in eggs, flour and salt you can always make homemade pasta.

“Two cups of plain flour, three large eggs and half a teaspoon of salt will make three small bowls or two large bowls of fresh pasta. Great fun to do and great if kids are off too.”

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