Jack Harlow Denies JW Lucas’ Credit in Hit ‘Whats Poppin’ After Controversial Breonna Taylor Remarks

The 22-year-old quickly distances himself from the hip-hop producer in a now-deleted tweet after the latter lands in hot water for his comments about the murder of the black woman.

AceShowbizJack Harlow wants no part in JW Lucas‘ drama. Shortly after the latter came under fire for his controversial comments on the murder of Breonna Taylor, the rapper distances himself from hip-hop music producer, who is credited as one of the producers for his hit “Whats Poppin”.

On Thursday, July 30, the 22-year-old artist claimed that he ever met with Lucas and denied that the producer was one of the creative minds behind his chart-topping single. “I’ve never met or spoken to that JW Lucas person. And he didn’t even produce WHATS POPPIN. Jetson and Pooh made it. That’s all,” he wrote in a now-deleted tweet.

Jack Harlow distanced himself from JW Lucas.

Harlow’s claim is contradicting the fact that Lucas has always been listed as producer alongside Jetson Made, Pooh Beatz as well as Los the Producer in the song’s credits. Lucas has not responded to Harlow’s tweet.

The music producer started catching flak earlier on Thursday after he posted a tweet in which he seemed to justify the murder of the 26-year-old black woman. He wrote on the micro-blogging site, “Why is the world asking for justice for #BreonnaTaylor…of course she shouldn’t have lost her life….but do you realize that she was involved with multiple drug dealers who were using her house as a trap spot? If you sign up for that life there are consequences.”

The backlash was almost immediate, but Lucas did not think he said anything wrong and defended himself during an Instagram Live session. Responding to people who accused him of being a white supremacist, Lucas said, “That ain’t me. I don’t give a f**k about what color skin I have.” He then lashed out at people who said that he was canceled because of his tweet.

He later got into a heated argument with activist Tamika Mallory and proudly stated that he should be a leader of the Black Lives Matter movement because he believed that he’s more capable than her.

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