Is ‘Tiger King’ star Jeff Lowe a communist revolutionary?

He’s accused of being a virtual Meow Zedong.

A week after his much buzzed about FaceTime session with Shaquille O’Neal, controversial “Tiger King” co-star Jeff Lowe is going viral again by appearing to praise communism online. The big cat wrangler’s proletarian proclamation has made the rounds on both Reddit and Twitter, where it has racked up more than 4 million views on at least two separate accounts — and ignited flabbergasted responses from the social-media masses.

“Workers of the world unite” proclaims Lowe in the 30-second Twitter clip posted April 1, which depicts the motorcycle jacket-sporting zookeeper with his wife Lauren at an undisclosed location.

“With the next financial crisis in full swing the collapse of global capitalism is all but inevitable,” says Lowe, adding that viewers can take comfort knowing that “communism will rise from its ashes.”

“We will defeat the billionaires and take America back,” says Lowe, who took over the Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park in Oklahoma from former “Tiger King” co-star and ex-business partner Joe Exotic. The flamboyant star of Netflix’s hit docuseries famously sued Lowe for $96 million over allegedly setting him up in a murder-for-hire plot, and other charges that resulted in the disgraced “Tiger King” getting slapped with a 22-year prison sentence.

The cat-loving comrade concludes his Marxist tirade by perplexingly telling viewers to “watch Season 2” of “Tiger King,” which has yet to be announced. It’s an odd plug as the tiger tamer memorably dubbed his portrayal in the series as “unfair” in an interview with People magazine.

Lowe didn’t respond to The Post’s request for comment.

The tiger Twitterati, however, was quick to question Lowe’s apparent revolutionary leanings. “Comrade Jeff?” asked one tweeter.

“Never under any circumstance listen to a person wearing two head covering articles at the same time,” tweeted another, referencing Lowe’s dual bandana style.

Even model Chrissy Teigen chimed in: “lmao what the.”

As it turns out, the communism-lauding clip was actually a Cameo, a service where people can pay celebrities to read a fan’s script on camera, no matter how absurd. The video appears to have been first posted on YouTube by actor-filmmaker Jonathan Daniel Brown, who tells The Post that he paid Lowe just $20 to read his pro-socialist message. Lowe, he claims, was quick to respond.

“Famous people will say anything for money,” says Brown, who says he devised Lowe’s Cameo performance to entertain him during the exorbitant downtime due to the coronavirus pandemic. He adds, “Jeff Lowe’s definitely not a communist — he took a zoo from a guy.”

Note: This would be far from the craziest thing the “Tiger King” co-star’s been involved in. Lowe was reportedly sued by Prince in 2007 for allegedly selling clothes using his trademarked symbol, reports Pop Culture. In 2018, the predator keeper was convicted of conducting business without a license while using forbidden wildlife as fodder for expensive photo shoots, reports

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