Inside UFC chief Dana White’s amazing £6m Las Vegas home with gaming arcade, personalised basketball court and pool – The Sun

WITH an estimated wealth of around £500million, Dana White is blessed with riches that afford him a lovely life.

The UFC president, who is boldly putting on three confirmed fight cards from May 9 in just eight days during the coronavirus pandemic, lives in a home that he built from scratch.

After finding where he wanted in Las Vegas, White, 50, bought three properties next to each other for a combined total of £6million, before bulldozing them down in 2017.

In its place, the father of three built the ultimate bachelor's pad – with a gaming arcade, a basketball court, as well as a stunning pool.


White isn't afraid to embrace video games – even appearing as a choosable character in the EA SPORTS game 'UFC 3'.

So, it's no surprise that the businessman has a room dedicated to old school arcade machines in his mansion.

There, he likes to kick back and play racing games like Daytona USA and, of course, Street Fighter.

And there's also table football too that'll keep him and his family amused.


Over the years, White has made no secret of his love for NBA giants Boston Celtics.

Often you'll see him courtside at the TD Garden with the likes of Floyd Mayweather and Mark Wahlberg.

And at home it's no different for White, who has his own basketball court in his home.

It's personalised too – with the famous leprechaun logo of the Celtics designed into the court.

After all, you've got to represent.


As is essential when living in Las Vegas, your home has to have a swimming pool.

And White's looks like the perfect place to lounge and top up your tan, with two gazebos either side with comfortable couches to relax on it looks like a resort pool.

There are also sun loungers for the most-dedicated of sun worshippers to one side too.

Size-wise it also works to get in a few laps – making for an excellent quarantine workout.

And afterwards, you can wind down in the jacuzzi.


Buff White, who has appeared on the front cover of Men's Fitness, is a self-confessed gym nut.

Religiously, he hits the weights every morning – and has his own hi-tech gym in his spacious abode.

Filled with all the equipment he needs, White recently revealed it's where he can be found most days during lockdown.

"Obviously, there's been plenty of time to work out," he told Huate Living.

"And I've been working out as much as possible."

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