Inside Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes’ house: This Morning duo invite us into their festive home

Let’s face it, 2020 has most certainly not been the best of years and it’s perfectly plausible that you might be feeling, well, a little Grinch-y in the run up to Christmas this year.

That being said, we’re hoping you’re not yet immune to the festivities as we attempt to spark some seasonal joy with an all access look at one of our favourite celeb couples’ home for Christmas

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Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford, both 60, have been warming the cockles of our hearts for an impressive 14 years on the hit wake up call show This Morning, so who better to inject a little Christmas spirit into the equation.

Eamonn and Ruth live with their son Jack in a gorgeous home situated in Surrey.

Estimated to be worth a whopping £3.25million, it really is a sight to behold.

With large open rooms throughout the property that are just begging to be decked out in all the finery of Christmas, it’s no surprise how stunning the place looks once it’s decked out in all its festive elegance.

We photographed the pair in their grotto that boasted lush festive garlands and multiple Christmas trees.

But the showstopper of the lot has got to be the huge tree that's wrapped by their grand winding staircase.

It’s the house’s crowning glory during the festive season. Sprayed with twinkling lights and packed with red and gold baubles with presents spilling out underneath, it really is a marvel.

Speaking of presents, during our shoot, Eamonn revealed a festive faux pas that saw him well and truly in the dog house one Christmas.

Eamonn told us: “One year, I was really busy and I was in Harrods and my wife was in Belfast. I said I am so busy I will buy you anything you want but the return receipt is about five days so shall I give you money and she said just come home and as long as I’ve got Christmas with you, that is the important thing.

“I went home and on Christmas day I gave her an envelope with money in it and she gave me the Christmas dinner.

"She put it all on a plate and then fired it at my chest. I went all over and down me and that was a pretty bad Christmas.”

He concluded: “When a woman says just give me money, she doesn’t mean it!”

The 60-year-old presenter sweetly added that “The best present she has ever had is finding me and the worst one has been any Christmas when we have been forced to be apart."

The pair have been married for 10 years and Ruth touchingly describes Eamonn as her "protector."

"He knows me better than I know myself sometimes,” she told us during the exclusive OK! shoot that

With their huge kitchen and impressive dining area – that Ruth often posts pictures of on Instagram – it’s no surprise that Christmas dinner is a lavish affair.

Eamonn also gushed about how the kitchen is well and truly Ruth’s domain, labelling her as a “domestic goddess” and revealing that it’s Ruth who does all the Christmas.

With a gorgeous red and gold theme running through the decor, the house feels calm, cosy and warming. The perfect place to hole up in the winter time.

But the season hasn’t always been full of joy for the couple.

Just last year, Ruth lost her sister, Julia, after she took her own life following a long and arduous battle with depression.

Christmas 2019 was a slow one for the couple, who got together 24 years ago, and Ruth revealed that it would be “a very challenging time” for her and her mum who spent the day with them last year.

“I’m sure we’ll cry but we’ll also be happy,” she said after almost cancelling Christmas – but realising that Julia loved the holiday and would have wanted them to enjoy it as much as possible.

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