Inside Corrie couple Jane Danson and Robert Becks love story away from cameras

Coronation Street stars Jane Danson and Robert Beck have seen their fair share of on-screen drama through the years appearing in some of the best-loved soaps in the country.

They may currently be best known as Corrie's Leanne Battersby and Hollyoaks' Fergus Collins but their own love story is equally as epic as their plot lines.

Before joining Hollyoaks as bad boy Fergus, Rob played criminal Jimmy Dockerson in Corrie.

In reality, the off-screen couple have been happily married for 16 years and their true-life romance is the stuff of fairytales.

However, they have still been through their fair share of trials and tribulations, but despite the adversities that life has thrown their way the pair have built a strong family unit.

Teenage crush

Robert began his soap career with a stint in Channel 4's popular offering Brookside way back in the '90s when he joined the Liverpool based show as Peter Harrison between 1991-1993.

At the time Jane had yet to find fame, being just 15 years old, as well as finding feelings for her future beau when she saw him on her TV.

Jane has since admitted that she had a huge crush on her now-husband when she saw him appearing on Brookside.

However, it wasn't until much later she would finally meet him in the flesh after she joined the cast of Coronation Street as Leanne Battersby in 1997.

Marriage success

Jane and Robert finally met for the first time at The British Soap Awards in 1999 when she was 21 years old and immediately hit it off.

By 2005 the couple tied the knot and have been happily married ever since.

It seems friendship being the basis of their marriage is what's helped keep them together over the years.

In fact, they're so close that they have rarely ever even had an argument as Jane previously revealed: "Rob's absolutely my best friend in the world. We've only had about two rows in twenty years."

Miscarriage heartbreak

Jane and Robert have two sons, 15-year-old Harry born in July 2006, and Sam, 12, who they welcomed in February 2009.

They had planned to add a third child to their family and Jane did fall pregnant several years ago with a new addition to the family.

But there was heartbreak on the cards for the couple when the Coronation Street star found that she had devastatingly miscarried when they went for their three-month scan.

Jane revealed the tragic news in a chat with OK! magazine in 2018.

She said: “Sadly we lost our third child a few years ago, I found out I’d miscarried at the three-month scan.

“At our 12 week scan, I remember lying down and the consultant said, ‘I won’t turn the screen around’, then the room went really quiet and I just knew that something wasn’t right.

“My heart sank because I knew that it had gone wrong, that the baby had died and then they confirmed that.

“It was heartbreaking and it took us a long time to get over it, I don't think you ever do. There will always be that sadness there and there’ll always be that desire, but we’re getting older now and the boys are growing up.

"Sometimes you just have to appreciate what you have.”

Luxury home

While they keep much of their family life private Jane has shared snippets of their home with her fans online.

The stylish and spacious luxury space has an open plan and contemporary furniture with huge wall mounted TV's.

Her kitchen features a cream couch with matching armchair, pink tartan cushions and a beige throw.

The walls are decorated with keepsakes including family photos and cards.

The large area also features striking granite counters with an island complimenting grey stools and stainless steel appliances.

In the dining area a grand white fireplace takes centre stage, accompanied by a pine table with matching chairs.

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