Ina Garten says there’s one kitchen tool you should be replacing once a year: a vegetable peeler

  • Ina Garten says vegetable peelers and zesters don't last forever.
  • The "Barefoot Contessa" host recently told Food & Wine that peelers should be tossed out and replaced as often as once a year.
  • Once the blade goes dull or gets rusty, it's no longer useful.
  • Business Insider previously dubbed the Kuhn Rickon three-pack the best overall vegetable peeler.
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While promoting her new — and 12th(!) — cookbook, "Modern Comfort Food," Ina Garten is out here spouting culinary truths, some that have educated us (did you know the "Barefoot Contessa" host puts everything in the dishwasher, including her beloved — and expensive — Wüsthof knives in the dishwasher?) and others that have put us home chefs to shame. OK, just one has us feeling only slightly attacked — and honestly shocked — and it has to do with a kitchen tool you've likely never replaced since you bought it: your vegetable peeler.

"Vegetable peelers get rusty, they get dull, and they're very cheap, so you can just throw them out and buy new ones," Garten says. "Every once in a while, I do that."

Basically, once the blade goes, the whole peeler goes with it. So, if you don't use the peeler often and you keep the peeler clean, dry, and safely stored, you can likely go a little longer than a year before replacing.

The most popular on Amazon and ranked Best Overall vegetable peeler on Business Insider this year is the Kuhn Rickon three-pack.

And if you haven't already, make sure to get your hands on her cookbook.

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