Im model with a 32A chest but found way to fake two cup sizes without surgery

Boobs come in all shapes and sizes – but there are always ways you can give them a boost.

One saucy model said she can make her 32A boobs look a lot bigger thanks to a simple trick.

Mercedes Valentine, 23, always had a small chest and her breasts got even smaller when she started getting into fitness.

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When she was a teen she always hoped for a larger bust, and tried lots of hacks to try and boost her cleavage.

Now she claims she's found the perfect way to make her boobs look like they measure a C-cup, even though she's never had surgery.

The trick is super simple, and it works wonders.

Mercedes, who studied neuroscience, said her boobs stay on the smaller size because she's sporty.

And as she trains regularly, her cup size has fallen from 32C to 32A in recent years.

She told Fabulous: "So I’ve had to get creative in making my boobs look bigger.

"Of course I have the usual Victoria’s Secret double push up bras and things like that.

"What I also do is contour my boobs/chest, so I’ll get my face contour and essentially paint a cleavage on my chest.

"It works really well to give the illusion that there is more boob than there really is."

As well as this, she said you can go "old-school 1800s, and opt to wear bustier or corset type tops.

These are good to enhance your breasts, as they push your boobs up to make them look perkier.

Another trick, she said, is buying tops a size too small as they help to accentuate your boobs.

Mercedes said getting sticky is also a good way to give your bust a lift.

If you use double-sided tape or body glue, she said you can stick your boobs to the side of your top to help give them a lift and make them look bigger.

Sometimes the model said push up bras don't quite give the illusion you were hoping for, so it's a good idea to add extra padding to help emphasize your cleavage.

“Wearing bikini tops upside down is also a hack for making small boobs look bigger, I do that one a lot," she added.

Previously Mercedes told Daily Star she ditched neuroscience for a much saucier career.

She now spends her time making saucy content for OnlyFans – and she's raking in thousands in the process.

While Mercedes signed up to the saucy platform as "a bit of fun" at first, it's now her full-time job.

Even though she studied neuroscience, she didn't pursue a career in the field.

This is because she has a genetic condition called EDS (Ehlers-Danlos syndrome), which are a group of conditions that cause very flexible joints and stretchy and fragile skin.

She said: "I started around two years ago – I started for a bit of fun as I used to work at a strip club.

"I started pole dancing during university and I really loved it.

"It really worked to strengthen my body, as I really started to struggle when I was 15.

"Pole dancing really helped with all that."

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