I’m able-bodied and my man’s disabled – the questions people want to know about our relationship… including our sex life | The Sun

A WOMAN who is married to a disabled man has come clean about the realities of their sex life. 

The couple sat down in a frank Q&A to explain what their intimacy looked like and how it had changed during their marriage. 

Shane and Hannah Burcaw have been documenting their inter-able relationship on YouTube, Instagram and podcasts. 

Shane was born with spinal muscular atrophy, and has been in a wheelchair since he was two. 

Hannah has received scrutiny from others questioning why she wanted to get into a relationship with someone disabled. 

She said: “That is just absolutely unbelievable.”

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She said in the early stages of their relationship people didn’t ‘believe we're a real relationship’.

The couple has also revealed one of the post popular questions they get is about their sex life. 

Shane explained despite his disability he has 'normal sexual function,' which many people don't realise. 

Hannah said she never doubted her and her husband would have some kind of sex life. 

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She said: “I don't think I ever assumed it wouldn't work. I just didn't because I knew you had multiple previous relationships. I knew that you had written about this.”

Shane recalled being nervous during their first sexual encounters. 


He said he recalled 'the feeling you have in the back of your mind when you're getting into intimacy early on'.

'You're like, "Is this OK?" and "Does she hate it? Is it fine? I hope she's happy." And you're so nervous about that.'

Now that the couple have been together for seven years they recognise their intimacy needs have changed. 

Shane said: “Without a doubt our intimacy is different in ways than it was when we met.

“When Hannah used to visit on her weekend visits from college, like the urge and the need to just be physically close was powerful. Now, like we live together. So the urgency is not the same as it used to be.” 

The couple have confessed like others they have had to manage differences in libido. 

Shane said: “Communicating and acknowledging that we're not always going to be on the same page.”

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Now Shane and Hannah are moving onto the next stage of their relationship as they announced they've begun IVF treatments.

After they ‘had tried the old-fashioned route for two years' without success.’

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