I won £108m and bought huge estate but car salesman didn't want to sell me a luxury Range Rover – his words shocked me | The Sun

A MAN who bagged £108 million was left shocked when a car salesman did not want to sell him a luxury Range Rover.

Neil Trotter, from Surrey, scooped the incredible prize after buying a EuroMillions Lucky Dip back in 2014.

Neil decided to splash the cash on a 500-acre estate with its own lake for him and his partner Nicky Ottaway.

The huge mansion, in southern England, was poles apart from the three-bedroom house he used to live in.

And the lucky punter also thought he would treat himself to a pair of new motors after the whopping win.

But he was left shocked at the car salesman's response.

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He said: “I asked the guy for two Range Rovers and he just looked me up and down and said ‘You can't afford it’."

Despite his winnings, Neil has stayed humble and doesn’t dress like a multi-millionaire.

It means many people have often mistaken him for someone who tends to plants for a living.

He told podcaster Timothy Schultz: “People think I’m the gardener because I always walk around in tatty stuff."

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After buying the huge estate, the millionaire then started an ambitious building process to transform the property into a lavish home.

The former mechanic, 50, said: "I always dreamt of having my own lake but owning so much land has been a huge challenge and responsibility."

The house was in need of restoration and the surrounding land needed to be spruced up.

His partner initially "[tried] to talk" Mr Trotter out of buying the property – as she thought the project was "too big".

"The woodlands were in a poor state, there were so many dead trees everywhere and the house was barely liveable, despite its size," she said.

However, Mr Trotter worked hard dredging ponds, lakes and removing tonnes of dead trees from woodlands.

But Neil went all out and even upgraded the parking space at his luxury mansion to fit a Jaguar and a Porsche.

The lucky man said the years following his win have been challenging because of the ambitious project.

But he now feels proud about his new home.

He said: "It has been a challenging nine years but I am immensely proud of what we have achieved and I'm never bored!

"I have learnt so much about how to manage woods and to reverse the effects of intensive farming."

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