I scoffed so many carrots I became a Oompa Loompa – my skin was glowing orange

A veggie scoffed so many carrots she developed an Oompa Loompa orange glow.

Dena Rendall was shocked when her mates began noticing a flush to her skin, believing it was a dodgy fake tan.

But the customer experience worker had carotenemia, a yellow-orange skin pigmentation caused by high carotene levels in the blood. Eating as many as 10 carrots, three peppers and a sweet potato every day to improve her health caused it.

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But glowing Dena, 21, of Edinburgh, has come to love it.

She said: “It’s definitely healthier than sunbeds. I’m a blonde pale girl with very fair skin but because I eat so many carrots I can have a tan all year.”

Dena’s love for carrots began at 12 when she began eating them every day.

But she dropped her carrot intake to six a day after a photo taken before an 18th birthday party.

She said: “I didn’t know what was so funny and thought ‘oh my god that cannot be real.’ I looked like an Oompa Loompa,” she said.

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“I stopped getting so many comments when I reduced my carrots.”

The Scot estimates she spends around £40 a week on veg alone – purchasing six kg of carrots from Asda every week.

She added: "I do really love carrots and enjoy eating that many a day, but I know I don't necessarily eat in a way that's normal to other people. I've convinced myself I'm never unwell because of all the fruit and veg I eat in a day."

The 21-year-old said she started to become "a bit insecure" after people at school thought she had jaundice or undergone a fake tan fail, when her face looked distinctly more orange than her neck.

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