I live above an Italian bakery – staff give free food as they say Im too thin

Waking up to the smell of food every day must be absolute bliss.

But getting it delivered to your doorstep for free sounds like pure heaven.

And, it seems that Tine Kirby has found the golden gates of pastry paradise.

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The travel and lifestyle influencer often posts her globe-trotting antics with partner Kiefer.

Having moved to Italy, the American couple document their travels on social media – and have recently gone viral on TikTok thanks to their neighbours.

Living above a bakery in Italy, Tine and Kiefer got an unexpected delivery from the staff from the business below.

In the clip that has racked up 5.4million views, a huge platter of savoury and sweet goods were handed to the couple by the kind bakers.

Olive and cheese topped pizza slices, and mozzarella middle rounded pastries were amongst the goods that are certainly making our mouths water by just looking at them.

Tine revealed the reason why the pair were given the huge platter – and it is not because they were leftovers.

She wrote: “POV: You live above a bakery in Italy and they think you’re too thin.

“We can’t get by them without a pizzetta coming our way.”

Sounds like the couple have hit the jackpot with their neighbours. The couple wrote in the comments that they “love” their neighbours – and it is obvious why!

Amazed at the kindness of the baker neighbours, many people fled to the comments to share their envy.

One person commented: “Oh I wish my neighbours were like this. Looks amazing.”

Another user added: “For ONCE I wish someone would think I was too thin.”

While a third person voiced: “You’re so lucky.”

Someone else shared: “How does it feel to live my dream!”

Meanwhile, a fifth user expressed: “That’s a blessing.”


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