I finally beat my drug addiction but I'm still paying the price

DEAR DEIDRE:  DRUGS have ruined my life. I married the girl of my dreams and had a son and a good job at a building firm.

Then I started taking recreational drugs at weekends with my mates. From coke, I progressed to crack and then heroin.

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Soon, I was an addict, but for years you wouldn’t have known, as I managed to keep working and going to the gym. But then my wife and I split up and everything disintegrated.

I ended up shoplifting to support my habit and got sent to prison. I came out clean, and I’ve been trying to rebuild my life, but it’s really tough.

The accommodation I live in, a hostel for ex-offenders, is awful, and I’m being bullied. I’m now 50 and have started taking drugs again.

My ex-wife won’t let me see my 14-year-old son. I just want a council house and a fresh start.

DEIDRE SAYS: You have given up drugs before, and can do it again.

You need to stay away from other users.

Contact Shelter, (shelter.org.uk, 0808 800 4444) and crime reduction charity Nacro which helps ex-offenders to get back on the right track and turn around their lives (nacro.org.uk, 0845 600 3194).

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