I always hid size 16 curves in frumpy clothes – now I love flaunting my body

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    A size 16 influencer who used to hide her body in "frumpy" clothes now flaunts her killer curves.

    Liane, from the UK, often posts body positive content to her TikTok and has racked up 82,000 followers in the process.

    The beauty often shares her stylish midsize outfits that inspire many women to glam up their wardrobe.

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    But, Liane wasn't always so confident in showing off her shape.

    She revealed that she used to cover her body in ill-fitting clothing as she thought she looked "better."

    In a TikTok clip that racked up thousands of views, Liane first shared what kind of garments she used to wear.

    "2019/2020 when I thought I looked better hidden under frumpy clothes," the influencer explained.

    Liane donned baggy jeans with a plain white t-shirt and a baggy khaki cardigan that did not show off her figure.

    However in the later part of 2020, Liane plucked up the courage so she could start wearing what she wanted.

    And her confidence grew in bucket loads.

    The stunner posed in an array of figure-hugging dresses that complimented her size 16 frame.

    Some dresses even had a slit on the thigh while other outfits had bold floral patterns.

    Liane smiled in each picture after ditching the so-called "frumpy" attire.

    "Don’t get me wrong, confidence levels are up and down, " Liane candidly noted.

    "I have to learn and actively practice to love myself everyday."

    She added a number of hashtags that included "frump to fab" and "midsize queen."

    Inspired by her fashion transformation, many people fled to the comments to praise Liane.

    One person cheered: "I FOUND MY PLACE! I always wear frumpy clothes and I want to dress different."

    Another user added: "Looking good!!

    "We’re about the same size and I was the same way a few years ago."

    While a third voiced: "Oh my gosh you look SO GOOD.

    "That confidence though."

    Someone else said: "Your style is amazing!

    "You look incredible."

    Meanwhile, a fifth person urged: "I need you to have a video per outfit because I plan on copying and pasting each one in my closet."


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