How to stop feeling sick after drinking: 4 proven hangover cures

Coffee can cause 'hangovers to get longer' claims expert

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Hangovers get worse with age and are worse when you haven’t drunk in a while because your tolerance is lower. If you’ve gone out drinking over the bank holiday weekend had one too many cocktails, you’re probably feeling pretty rough and are on the hunt for a hangover cure. reveals how to stop feeling sick after drinking, according to NHS advice.

How to stop feeling sick after drinking

Unfortunately, hangover cures are generally a myth and according to the NHS website, there is no cure for a hangover.

However, there are things you can do to avoid having one or ease the discomfort if you already have one.

You might not be able to get rid of the sickness, headache and dizziness, but you can reduce the symptoms and stop yourself from running to the loo to be sick every half an hour.

How to avoid a hangover

The symptoms of a hangover are mainly caused by dehydration because alcohol makes you wee more.

In order to avoid a hangover, you need to drink plenty of water on top of the alcohol you’re drinking.

The NHS recommends drinking water or non-fizzy soft drinks between each alcoholic drinks.

Fizzy drinks speed up the absorption of alcohol into your body, so try to avoid using them as chasers.

To avoid a hangover, you should also avoid drinking more than you know your body can handle.

You must not drink alcohol on an empty stomach, so stock up on carbohydrates such as pasta or rice and fats before you drink to help slow down your body’s absorption of alcohol.

Your choice of drink will also impact how rough you feel the next day – so don’t drink dark-coloured drinks if you’re sensitive to them because they’re known to make a hangover worse.

When you get home or before you go to sleep, make sure you drink a pint or so of water and keep an extra glass by your bed to sip if you wake up during the night.

4 proven hangover cures

Nothing will totally cure your hangover, but there are four things that will help you deal with the dreadful symptoms.

Sugary foods

Most people want to reach for carbohydrates and junk food when they’re hungover, but you might be better off having something sugary.

The NHS site explains that sugary foods might help you stop shaking and trembling.

You can either eat something with sugar in it or add a few teaspoons to a glass of water.

BBC Good Food recommends adding six teaspoons of sugar and half a teaspoon of salt into a litre of water to mimic a sports rehydration drink.

This should replace the sugars and essential salts your body has lost while topping up on the water your body is craving.

Bouillon soup

Ever heard of Bouillon soup? Well, it might just be your new favourite hangover fix.

Bouillon soup can be made from potatoes, plantains, sweet potatoes, spinach, watercress, cabbage, celery, and sliced meat.

The word Bouillon comes from an old French word that means “liquid in which something has been boiled”.

If you don’t like the sound of this, get some bouillon stock cubes and add them into the dish you’re making or use it as the base for a yummy soup or sauce.

The NHS site explains that a thin, vegetable-based broth like this is a “good source of vitamins and minerals, which can top up depleted resources.”

This soup is also really easy for the stomach to digest, so if you’re feeling a bit weak and sensitive you’ll still be able to hold this down.


An essential tool in the hangover recovery kit is, of course, painkillers.

If drinking alcohol has given you a bad headache and muscle cramps, this can easily be solved with some paracetamol or ibuprofen.

Ibuprofen takes about 20 to 30 minutes to work and paracetamol takes an hour.

Make sure you only use as much as recommended on the packaging.


Water is the hangover prevention and cure, so don’t slack on this tip!

Alcohol removes water and important nutrients from your body and makes you need to wee more often.

For every drink, alcohol can make your body produce just under half a cup of urine!

The NHS advice reads: “You can replace lost fluids by drinking bland liquids that are gentle on your digestive system, such as water, soda water and isotonic drinks.”

Forget the silly ‘hair of the dog’ hangover cure, because drinking more will simply delay the horrible symptoms until the extra alcohol wears off – you won’t be able to skip the hangover!

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