How Much Money Is Jana Kramer Really Paying Her Ex?

Jana Kramer and Mike Caussin are going through a divorce after he allegedly cheated on her — again. “Jana’s final straw came when she uncovered once again that [Mike] had cheated on her. Everything was fine [until she] uncovered a recent infidelity,” a source told Us Weekly. This seems to track as Kramer’s court filing cites “inappropriate marital conduct, irreconcilable differences, and adultery” as grounds for the divorce, according to People magazine.

Kramer and Caussin are in the thick of working out the financials of their divorce as their 6-year marriage comes to an end. According to Us Weekly, the two previously signed a postnuptial agreement back in November 2016, more than one year after they got married. At that time, Kramer and Caussin had just gone through a rough patch after she found out that he had cheated on her. They split in August 2016, when their daughter Jolie was just 7-months-old, according to Entertainment Tonight, but decided to work through it, and ended up getting back together. The two renewed their vows in 2017 during a trip to Hawaii, according to People, and, in November 2018, the former couple welcomed their second child, a son they named Jace.

Now that they’ve decided to go their separate ways, their postnuptial agreement is being carried out. Read on to find out how much money Kramer has to pay her ex.

Jana Kramer & Mike Caussin's finances have been worked out according to court documents

Jana Kramer will pay Mike Caussin upwards of $500,000, as part of their divorce agreement, according to People magazine. The exact amount is listed as $592,400. Their assets have also been divided. “Though Kramer will have their house, Caussin will get to keep all the furniture in the master bedroom and bar room, as well as his truck, desk and dumbbells…The former couple have also agreed not to pay any alimony, with each party being responsible for their own attorney fee and Kramer paying any additional court costs,” the divorce filing states, according to People.

As far as what will happen when it comes to the former couple’s two children, Us Weekly reports that Kramer and Caussin want to share custody of Jolie and Jace. Caussin has already moved out of the home he once shared with his family, which Kramer confirmed during an interview with Extra. “Jolie knows [about the split] and she’s kind of telling everyone, which kind of breaks my heart. She’s like, ‘Daddy and Mommy have different houses,'” Kramer told the outlet. She went on to say that she believes that her kids will adjust to the changes. “They’ve always had both of us. Both of us are essentially stay-at-home parents. … I think now that we’re getting into a good parenting schedule, they’ll be OK,” she said.

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