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THE UK has relaxed rules on vaping, however it is important to check the vaping rules on airplanes and in the country you are travelling to.

You do not want to risk getting in trouble or having your vape confiscated. So, what are the rules on bringing vapes on a plane?

How many vapes can you take on a plane?

Different airlines have different rules about the amount of vapes you can take on a plane.

Some vapes require batteries and different airlines will have different rules on how many batteries you can bring on board – it is advised to check with your airline before flying.

Many airlines, including Emirates, Jet2, and Ryanair, will allow you to take up to 20 batteries in your carry on.

However, British Airways only permits passengers to take 15 batteries in their hand luggage and EasyJet only allows two.

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Can you vape on a plane? E-cigarettes travel rules and laws explained

Some vapes require e-liquid and there are also restrictions on how many bottles you can take on a plane.

The normal rules apply where you can only bring liquid on the plane in 100ml bottles and you can take a maximum of 1 litre in total.

Most airlines will allow you to keep e-liquid in your checked bags, although Qatar airways doesn't.

What are the rules on carrying vapes on UK airlines?

You are allowed to take your vape on the airplane, as long as you follow the guidelines set out by the airline.

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Any vapes you wish to take abroad must be stored in your hand luggage, as no types of e-cigarettes are allowed to be kept in your checked luggage.

Previously, passengers could keep vapes in checked luggage, however there were incidents in which lithium batteries in vapes exploded in the hold and caught fire.

Can you take disposable vapes on a plane?

You can bring a disposable vape on a plane as long as it is kept in your hand luggage and not in your checked luggage.

You will also need to check the vaping laws in the country you are travelling to as some places have strict anti-vaping regulations. including: Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Singapore.

In Qatar – where many Brits will be flocking for the 2022 World Cup – vaping has been banned since 2014.

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