Horoscopes today – Russell Grants star sign forecast for Sunday, August 27


Conversations are deep and meaningful. You might take this chance to set a close and loving relationship onto a more permanent footing. If you’re struggling to find a suitable gift for a Virgo friend, someone with good taste will make a great suggestion.


If you wake up with the realisation that you and a partner have nothing in common anymore, you need to talk. Your relationship may not be as close as it once was but this does not mean it is over. You can find ways to make the time you spend together more exciting.


An exciting job offer will be like a dream come true. Be sure to accept immediately. You have the skills and experience to be successful in this position. A friend or workmate’s jealous reaction will astound you when you had thought they would be happy for you.


If you have ideas you feel would improve a situation, let other people hear them. It will be surprising how quickly your family and friends take up your suggestions. Are you single and looking for love? All that is needed is a nod from you and a new romance will begin.


You will enjoy anything that needs creativity and imagination. Someone close may be acting stubbornly. You don’t have to respond in a similar way. Gentle words of persuasion and a willingness to listen will be a better way to reach a compromise.


You need to decide on how much to give and how much to take in a relationship that’s out of balance. It doesn’t matter whether this is a friendship, romance or working partnership there really needs to be an equal amount of giving and receiving.


Friends will feel as if you are letting them down when you have no choice but to pull out of social arrangements already made. Private commitments need your attention and even though someone will try to persuade you to leave these, your mind is made up. You know your priorities.


Talking to an imaginative professional will make you excited about some changes you are thinking about making to your home or garden. You won’t make any hasty decisions but you will enjoy how a practical project inspires your creative imagination.


A training program will improve your job prospects. Even though you may have a lot of experience behind you it is worth refreshing your skills through continuous learning. Workmates look to you for advice because you know what you are talking about. They are drawn to your upbeat energy.


Compared with in the past when you had settled into a habit of staying in at home, you are now getting out and about so much more. You’re enjoying spending time well away from your usual haunts but are you trying to cram too much into the day? You half wish you could be in two places at once.


You see things very differently from a relative who is becoming frustrated and argumentative. Wait until they calm down and encourage them to talk more rationally. It could turn out there is something you don’t know about. When you find this out you will start to understand their point of view.


You have something special you will want to share with your partner. You have been waiting to get them on their own before spilling the news. As you expected, they will be both surprised and delighted. A family event will go even better than anyone anticipated.

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