Hannah Brown Teased Tyler Cameron For Not Winning Her Heart On ‘The Bachelorette’

Tyler Cameron may have become Bachelor Nation’s biggest heartthrob since his time on the Bachelorette, but Alabama Hannah is here to bring him back down to earth. After crashing an Instagram Live that he was hosting with his best friend and roommate, Matt James, Hannah B. teased Tyler for being her Bachelorette runner-up — especially after he made fun of her beloved University of Alabama football team.

The former beauty queen began trolling Tyler soon after joining the Instagram Live, making fun of him and Matt for not doing a particularly good job of entertaining their followers on camera. "I was trying to watch [this Live] but I didn’t think there was anything to it, really," she said with a smirk. "It wasn’t interesting." While Tyler responded that Hannah was "coming after us today," the Dancing With the Stars champ seemed happy to talk about her run that day instead, until Matt jokingly claimed that Tyler had been wearing an Alabama shirt to bed for the past three nights.

"No, that’s what I’m going to use to plug a hole in the boat," Tyler fired back, while Hannah laughed. And though she was willing to let that one go, once he rubbed in the fact that Louisiana State University "beat y’all twice," during the 2018-2019 NCAA football season, she landed the ultimate comeback. "What did you ever win?" Hannah said, a clear reference to her ill-fated decision to choose Jed Wyatt over Tyler during the Bachelorette finale.

Of course, Tyler wasn’t upset with Hannah’s quick dig; after all on April 15, he poked fun at his now-famous Bachelorette loss on Twitter by sharing a photo of a Monopoly "Community Chest" card that declared he "won second prize in a beauty contest" during the game. "Lol been there, done that," Tyler captioned the photo.

While Tyler may not have won Hannah’s heart during his time on The Bachelorette, the pair have remained close, with Hannah even flying out to Florida on March 14 in order to attend a memorial service for Tyler’s mother. She briefly returned to Alabama, before flying back to Florida just as stay-at-home orders went into place across the country and joined his "Quarantine Crew." For the next few weeks, the pair posted flirty Tik Tok videos and joked about the swirling dating rumors until Hannah finally drove back home to Tuscaloosa, Alabama on April 1.

Despite fans’ many hopes that they rekindled their relationship during their quarantine in Florida, both Tyler and Hannah have refuted the dating rumors on their respective Instagram accounts. In late March, Tyler joked during a workout with his friend, Jacob Latham that "me and Brown Bear are dating, yes, I confirm," referring to Latham’s nickname. A few weeks later, he crashed a Zoom party hosted by a group of Bachelor fans, and told them that Hannah is just "a good friend" of his.

Meanwhile, on April 14, Hannah seemed to shut down the dating rumors herself during her own Instagram Live. According to E! News, after a fan asked Hannah if she wanted to have kids, the former Bachelorette explained that while she wanted to start a family one day, it wouldn’t happen anytime soon. "Also, you have to have a significant other for that, and I don’t," she added. Still, even if they’re not dating, Hannah and Tyler have clearly come a long way from their Bachelorette breakup — and are more than happy to share their new friendship with their fans online.

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