Half of Brits working from home say theyve achieved perfect life balance

Half of Brits believe they've achieved the perfect balance in life – with lockdown giving many more to do things they love.

A study of 2,000 adults who have ditched the office found the lockdown restrictions has had a huge impact on work life balance for many – for the better.

Working from home meant 47% have been able to spend more time on the things they love, with reading (43%), cooking (43%) and gardening (41%) the most popular past times.

And many are enjoying the slower pace to life with 28% exercising at home throughout the day and 22% making breakfast in the morning.

Research was commissioned by Cadbury, which just launched its Nuttier bar to help Brits find the right balance when snacking.

It also emerged that of those who now consider their work life balance to be perfect, more than a quarter don’t think they could have achieved it without the lockdowns.

But 51% are worried about maintaining it as life begins to return to normal.

A spokesman for Cadbury said: “For many, life was previously a whirlwind of work, social events, and family commitments.

“But lockdown meant that many of us slowed down, freeing up time they did not have before, and allowing them to focus on the things they enjoy and love the most.”

The importance for balance is clear with eight in 10 considering it important to have a good work life balance, with 71% claiming it makes them happier.

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For six in 10, it helps their mental health and wellbeing, while 66% said it leads to less stress.

But 53% also feel it improves their relationships and 48% believe it helps to maintain your physical health.

It also emerged that being able to set time aside for yourself to enjoy the things you love is when you achieve the perfect life balance, according to 45% of adults.

Others believe it is when you have clear boundaries between work and personal life (42%).

Cadbury’s spokesman added: “The Cadbury Nuttier range offers consumers the opportunity to enjoy the best of both sides and live a life of balance.

“Whether they are looking for a bar packed with fibre or something a little sweeter, the Nuttier bar has something for everyone.”

The Cadbury Nuttier bar is available in three flavours – Peanut & Almond, Cranberry, Almond & Peanut and Coconut & Almond.

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