Graffiti Artist TEACH Launches "Yeah of the Ox" Artwork and Apparel With maharishi

After launching a commemorative capsule for the Lunar Year of the Rat last year, maharishi once again enlists acclaimed graffiti artist TEACH for another collection to pay homage to the Year of the Ox.

The collaborative selection encompasses limited edition artworks and apparel. Highlighted pieces include large-scale enamel on metal paintings and organic sweats and tees emblazoned with the artist’s spray-can graphics.

For both the artworks and apparel items, TEACH draws inspiration from Fab 5 Freddy’s famous Warhol-inspired Soup Train artwork from the 1980s. The artist expressed: “Anyone that understands London Underground graffiti history will know the importance of red oxide paint, it always left the killer stain!”

TEACH’s “Yeah of the Ox” capsule will release on February 12 on maharishi’s website. In case you missed it, maharishi released a full capsule dedicated to the Year of the Ox which also features Ushi-Oni demons from western Japanese folklore.
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