Golden Globes Expels Three Voters for Conduct Violations as 15 Others Leave Awards Organization

As the Golden Globes transitions to a for-profit organization, three members have been expelled for conduct violations. Meanwhile, another 15 former members and emeritus members have left the organization.

Howaida Hamdy, Munawar Hosain and Aniko Navai were expelled after violating the organization’s code of conduct, Deadline first reported. Hamdy, an Egyptian journalist, was investigated after a report alleged that some of her reviews and tweets in Arabic expressed anti-Semitic and extremist remarks.

Hamdy was one of the new members added in 2021 in an effort to expand diversity after reports revealed the organization had no Black members and was violating ethics guidelines. It’s not known why Hosain and Navai were expelled. Both had been members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association for more than 20 years.

Meanwhile, studios were sent an email on Monday with a list of 15 additional longtime members who would no longer be voting on the Golden Globes, according to The Wrap. The list includes several emeritus members.

The Golden Globes are in the process of finalizing a roster of 300 voters for the upcoming awards, which are set for Jan. 10.

After the Globes become a for-profit venture co-owned by Eldridge Industries and Dick Clark Productions, former members of the HFPA were offered the choice to remain as Globes voters and take a guaranteed yearly salary of $75,000 or leave the organization and receive a lump sum of $225,000.

Eldridge and Variety parent PMC own Dick Clark Productions in a joint venture.

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