General Motors’ Super Bowl commercial gets hilarious response from Audi Norway and Innovation Norway

The Norwegian-knitted gloves are off!

In response to General Motors' hilarious Super Bowl ad, "No Way Norway," the country struck internet gold with several clever spots to counter Will Ferrell's rallying of the troops — Kenan Thompson and Awkwafina — in an EV-fueled rage.

In case you missed the original, here's a look at the spot that ran during Super Bowl 55 — which placed sixth in the USA TODAY Ad Meter ratings.

Ad Meter 2021: With the help of Will Ferrell, Awkwafina and Kenan Thompson General Motor wants more people to drive electric cars


The iconic car brand's initiative to raise the bar on EV sales in the U.S. had all the right elements to capture the audience's attention, while also getting across the message.

But it wasn't just people listening stateside — or Sweden and Finland for that matter — as made clear by two Scandinavian brands taking to the YouTube streets for some good old fashioned internet one-upping.

Not long after GM's commercial went live a few days before the Big Game, Audi Norway struck back with three spot-on commercials:

"So, you are coming for us? Make sure you don't drop the ball"

"We've got a thing or two to teach you about electric cars…and pizza"

"Are you coming for us? Don't bring a mackerel to a salmon fight⚔️"

And then it was Innovation Norway's turn, which landed from the top rope with an equalizer — adorable, funny kids … doing adorable, funny things.

The ball — er, globe — is in your corner, GM.


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