Fury as Asda cancels spate of deliveries to key workers and those on vulnerable list

Britons are claiming Asda has cancelled their orders, including orders being expected by key works and those on the government’s vulnerable database. Many have revealed the cancellations have been made due to payments not being taken, despite the fact they have cash in their accounts.


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Many have also claimed they have not received any correspondence from Asda about these orders, and have had to login on online to find out their orders are cancelled.

However, others claim to have emails and texts about their orders, but no option to book another slot or make another payment.

It appears Britons have been tweeting about their cancellations from March 31.

This comes after Asda revealed it would offer weekly delivery in recurring slots to vulnerable with a new “priority pass”, based on the government’s data.

There is a spate of tweets asking the supermarket to comment on cancelled orders.

In the past day Britons have said: “@asda You’ve cancelled my dads delivery pass, even though he’s on the list?”

Another said: “@asda you have cancelled my order apparently can’t take payment…. there’s plenty of money in my bank…. now we have no food in house for a family of 9 thanks a lot!!”

“Thanks a bunch just had my delivery cancelled for today with no prior notice just an email and text to say problem with my payment (no problem when I checked out though) no option to rectify the problem just cancelled.”

“Please can you tell me why my grocery order has been cancelled for a second time? No explanation, just went on to my app and it’s cancelled,” one wrote.

Another said: “My whole delivery for 8th April and the slot has vanished???? No warning, and now I can’t get my food?!? Where is it? Why wasn’t I told it would be cancelled??”

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Another said: “I’m sure now is not the time to be cancelling peoples orders @asda.”

They went on to say that the cancellations was “something to do with bank not authorising payment… but money was there Woman shrugging was told to call the branch… but the branch wasn’t taking calls!

“Smashing customer service! #sarcasm”

“I’m a damn key worker who has had a shop on order for 2 weeks and I now have no food, and you cancelled my order because you couldn’t process payment, I just got paid, there’s plenty of money. Thanks for nothing,” another said.


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One person on the vulnerable persons list claimed their order had been cancelled just four hours before it was due to arrive.

They said: “I’m high risk. You’ve just cancelled my order four hours before it’s due to arrive.

“I booked the slots two weeks ago and have left me without any food and supplies.”

One more wrote: “@asda I am on the government vulnerable list and had a reoccurring slot for deliveries. Now my app says it’s been cancelled, no reason and no way of contacting them. So frustrating, crying now.”

Asda followed Sainsbury’s to be the second supermarket to give priority of its home delivery slots the vulnerable.

It did so after receiving the government’s database of vulnerable people in the UK.

However, all supermarkets are under great strain to meet the demand as coronavirus lockdown continues.

Asda claims its “Asda Priority Pass” offers the vulnerable: “Priority on new home delivery slots as they become available, the chance to book a recurring weekly slot for peace of mind and free delivery.”

Sainsbury’s has also been accused of cancelling a few slots on the site, although not to the extent that Asda has.

Yesterday a Twitter use wrote: “Sainsbury’s click and collect cancelled without explanation. Account suspended without explanation. Rang number they messaged to me – 57 minutes on hold and hung up on me when problem explained. Family including two key workers and two vulnerable. Thanks for that. #sainsburys”

Another said: “@sainsburys I have just received an email stating my order has been cancelled. I have been given no explanation as to why and have only been informed after I have already been told the order would arrive yesterday. I have tried to contact Sainsbury’s several times to no avail.”

In the past say one customer has complained that a local Tesco cancelled their delivery, and one complained that their click & collect was cancelled.

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