Foodie turns plain toast into tasty snack with simple chocolate hack

Deciding what to have for breakfast each morning can prove difficult to some.

Especially when you have to rush to work or drop the kids off at school.

Therefore, quickly munching on a piece of plain toast is what most of us get.

So to make the boring brekkie a bit more exciting, a foodie has saved the day by sharing a simple hack.

On TikTok, user @adrianghervan used a few pieces of Kinder chocolate to give the bread a sweet melt-in-the-middle filling.

In the viral clip that has racked up a whopping 27.5 million views and four million likes, Adrian puts four squares of the chocolate on a slice of bread and then puts a plain piece on top.

He then takes a glass tumbler to cut out a circle and to seal the chocolate inside.

Leaving the crust behind, Adrian puts the pocket sized bread in the toaster.

Once it pops up, the toast oozes melted Kinder inside.

People quickly took to the comments to praise Adrian on his easy toast hack.

One user commented: “That’s a good idea.”

Another person added: “What?? Wow! I’m trying this with banana.”

A third user said: “Omg that was so yummy I’m having it for every morning.”

Someone else noted: “At this point I feel like I have been doing life wrong.”

And another user remarked: “I have to try that.”

However, some people were not as satisfied as others and commented on the ‘waste’ of the rest of the bread.

One person said: “But the crust is so good.”

Someone else added: “Waste of bread.”

Another person questioned the hack: “Wouldn’t the chocolate just leak out the bottom and into the toaster?”

The mastermind behind the hack provided reassurance and said: “No. The glass will seal the bread.”

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