Fighting the Covid-19 blues: 5 things to do today

1 DO: Go for a night stroll

Get out of the house for a bit – while still practising social distancing – for an amble along one of these leisurely night-time walks.

Make sure you set aside enough time for these walks, which can take from 11/2 to almost two hours.

The Alexandra Park Connector, which starts near Redhill MRT station, takes you past iconic riverside landmarks such as The Fullerton Hotel, all the way to Marina Bay Sands.

The Punggol Riverside walk, on the other hand, has a fuss-free route that meanders through the tree-lined Punggol Promenade and the Instagram-friendly Lorong Halus bridge.

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2 REVISIT: Past April Fool’s Day pranks

In such sombre times, it remains to be seen if brands will attempt April Fool’s Day pranks today.

Google, for instance, has cancelled its plans this year. The tech giant usually marks the occasion with elaborate Easter eggs and pranks, such as a Where’s Waldo version of Google Maps.

But that does not mean people cannot laugh at past attempts. Last year, Razer chief executive Tan Min-Liang tried to convince everyone he was looking for a successor to take over his gaming firm empire, while drinks manufacturer Nutrisoy decided laksa-flavoured soya milk was a good idea.

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3 DRINK: Make the viral Dalgona coffee at home

Be an instant barista with this trendy stay-home drink that has taken social media by storm.

It gets its name from Dalgona candy – a popular street snack in South Korea in the 1970s and 1980s – made with melted sugar and baking soda.

All you need is two tablespoons each of instant coffee, sugar and hot water.

Incorporate an arm workout: Whisk by hand for about 20 minutes or use an electric mixer to whip the ingredients on high speed for about two minutes.

Fill a glass with milk and ice, then scoop the whipped coffee on top. Don’t forget the Instagram shot.

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4 PLAY: Cards Against Humanity online

You can now play the irreverent and popular card game Cards Against Humanity remotely, without having to meet your friends in person – or spread germs via the exchange of cards.

Head to virtual card table site for a free version you can play in real time.

It even lets you keep your individual hand private.

Ideally, set up a conference call with those you are playing with, so you can hear whose turn it is or whose card was selected as the winning one.

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5 LISTEN: Podcast on remakes and reboots

Are audiences always keen on an update of their favourite television show or music from their teens?

Everything, from Friends and Lizzie McGuire to Meteor Garden and My Fair Princess (Huan Zhu Ge Ge), is making a comeback in Hollywood and Asian entertainment.

Take a break from the work day to tune in to this podcast which asks: Does nostalgia sell?

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Compiled by Anjali Raguraman and Eunice Quek

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