Family favourites for less at Morrisons

AS we look towards 6 more months of restrictions, family budgets continue to be under pressure, and it’s really important to look after the pennies.

To help you out, Morrisons are Making Price Cuts, and, in a world where we need to squeeze as much as we can out of every pound, they’re focused on keeping the cost of your shopping basket low.

They’re cutting prices on the things you buy every day, ensuring you can feed your family tasty, nutritious and high quality food within your budget.

Just look out for the yellow scissors in store and online to discover how much less your shopping could cost.

This week, we’re all about filling your freezer with family favourites for less.

Freezer food is ideal for when you’re stretching the pennies at the end of the month, and also for when you want something quick and easy to feed the family after a long day at school and work.

Here are some of our top picks.

Get your five a day

We all want to feed our families lots of fruit and veg – but buying fresh can sometimes mean we end up wasting food and throwing it away when it goes off.

Frozen veg is a great alternative, and is also often cheaper. Birdseye Steamfresh Veg is a quick and easy addition to the side of any dish and is only £1.49 a pack at Morrisons.

Everyone’s favourite

Even the fussiest eaters love a fish finger! Great in a sandwich, wrap or with chips and veg – the versatile British staple is a classic for a reason.

Morrison Fish Fingers are now just 99p and are a great addition to your freezer.

Friday night fakeaway

If you’re trying to make the most of your budget, then pricey pizza takeaways are probably out of the question at the moment – but that doesn’t mean you have to go without!

Goodfellas Takeaway style pizzas are now just £2.50 each and are a fantastic choice for a treat to start the weekend with.

Sweet treats

The old adage is true, we do all scream for ice cream.

Firm favourite brand Ben & Jerry’s Cookie Dough is usually pricey, but with the new price of £2.99 you can think about adding it to your weekend shop for the perfect movie night treat.

Cheap as chips!

Name a better side, we’ll wait. There’s nothing chips don’t go with and it’s always handy to have some in your freezer for a fast side dish with next to no washing up required.

Grab a bag of Steak Cut Chips for just 85p at Morrisons right now.


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