EYEFUNNY Unveils GINZA SIX-Exclusive Granite Bone Table Accessory

EYEFUNNY has crafted a GINZA SIX-exclusive ceramic bone made from granite, just a little over a month after collaborating with Daniel Arsham on the Porsche 930A Turbo Key.

The ceramic is made from Aji-ishi, a fine granite sourced from Aji-cho and Mure-cho (regions with a 400-year history of producing granite) of Japan’s Kagawa prefecture. Dubbed “BONE 03,” the object features a monochromatic color scheme dotted with gray and black speckles, while “EYEFUNNY” branding and the year’s make is engraved — next to these markings is a special serial number to indicate that only 50 pieces have been made. EYEFUNNY has also made a set of granite stools and tables to accompany the exclusive release.

The granite “BONE 03” ceramics are currently available at EYEFUNNY’s GINZA SIX store in Tokyo.

In case you missed it, check out Hajime Sorayama and EYEFUNNY’s Middle Finger Necklace seen back in March.

6 Chome-10-1 Ginza, Chuo City
Tokyo, Japan
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