Expert claims to spot Princess Kate’s gesture reminding Louis to keep calm

The Royal Family appeared at the Buckingham Palace balcony during King Charles’s Coronation, where Kate and William were seen waving and greeting the crowds with their three children.

During the previous two-hour ceremony at Westminster Abbey, Prince Louis was spotted yawning and left the service earlier with his nanny Maria Borrallo, an exit that was planned due to his young age, according to the Palace.

He later reappeared on the balcony with the rest of the Royal Family and according to body language expert Judi James, he was “calmer” than other times thanks to Kate’s parenting methods.

Prince Louis, who is still very much a child, seemed to enjoy the fly-past but Kate could be spotted using a parenting technique to make sure he was on his best behaviour at all times.

Prince Louis could be seen pulling faces, singing, screaming during the fly-past and even “drumming” on the balcony, when Kate would gently touch the young royal’s back reminding him to “behave”.

Judi claimed that Kate’s own body language “tends to project calm at some of the most nerve-wracking royal events”.

When greeting the crows from the balcony, “Kate seems to be adept at using calming touch rituals to nudge Louis into being less playful when necessary but without appearing to tell him off,” the expert commented. 

However, this can, with small children, “lead to an escalation to tears or even tantrums,” the body language guru warned.

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Prince Louis on the Buckingham Palace balcony

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Judi commented that “small, regular tie-signs like the back touching allowed Prince Louis to feel quite free but also reminded him to keep calm”.

The expert opined that these “tie-sign touches are a regular feature of the whole family group’s body language rituals”.

“George even touched Louis’s back as they walked to church at Christmas and Charlotte has been seen touching his arm to keep him from putting his fingers in his mouth,” she observed.

Kate and William “also combine these with reward touches, patting or stroking heads too when their children have been particularly well-behaved,” she claimed.

“Encouraging good behaviour is often a more effective motivator than reprimanding any naughtiness,” the body language expert added.

Prince Louis, who is now five years old, currently attends Lambrook School in Windsor with his brother and sister, Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

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