Eryn Martin Announces New 'Still Ballin' EP, Drops "Ball" (goosetaf Remix) Visualizer

Canadian musician Eryn Martin has announced the release of a new Still Ballin EP, and has accompanied the announcement with a visualizer for one of the EP’s six tracks. Still Ballin is centered around Martin’s 2019 hit “Ball,” and consists of the original “Ball” recording as well as five remixes — one of which features Guapdad 4000, the other four of which are redone by Jerry Folk, Jonnyshipes/1-900, Tanner Dixon and goostaf.

“We definitely wanted to shed some more light on the song, [and] by creating all these different remixes it allowed us to tap into some other genres and reach new listeners,” says Martin. “Every remix is so different and I love all of them so much, but the one that really resonated with me when I heard it was the 1900 and Jonnyshipes version. It has this old indie rock vibe to it and it kind of makes me feel like a rock star. Growing up I was obsessed with Avril Lavigne and her music, so this version of the song really hit different when I heard it because it took me back to that time in my life and made me feel like the pop punk princess herself!

Look for Still Ballin to release on streaming platforms April 28, and see the full tracklist below.

1. Ball
2. Ball (Jerry Folk Remix)
3. Ball (Jonnyshipes/1-900 Remix)
4. Ball Remix ft. Guapdad 4000
5. Ball (Tanner Dixon Remix)
6. Ball (goosetaf Remix)

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