Eamonn Holmes always wears slip on shoes – because he can’t tie laces

Telly star Eamonn Holmes says tying shoe laces gets his brain in knots.

The presenter, 61, never learned how to do it when he was growing up as his mum Josie always did it for him.

And that means he’s never been able to have laced footwear.

Asked which life skills he hasn’t ­mastered, he said “shoe laces”.

He added: “As a result, I only wear slip-ons.

“Irish mammies have a lot to answer for… doing everything for their sons in particular.”

Thankfully, these days Eamonn can turn to wife Ruth Langsford for help. And he says being married to a feisty woman is ­perfect for him.

Eamonn explained: “She loves being ­domestic and I’ve never seen anyone with the energy she has.

“She’s nobody’s pushover. She is the boss in our relationship.”

Fellow TV presenter Ruth has previously told how she loves looking after her man.

The 60-year-old said: “Having respect is really important in a relationship. It’s nice to be a couple, but we are individual people.

“Eamonn and I can have big rows and argue, then 10 minutes later we’re laughing about something.

“It has been a long and happy relationship, but we have our moments.”

The pair recently suffered a setback after they were axed from their regular presenting slot on This Morning.

But TV insiders claim they are now set to land their own show on the BBC.

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